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Ibiza Gay Clubs - Anfora

Anfora Ibiza Gay clubC/ San Carlos 7, Dalt Vila, Ibiza

Season: May to mid-October 23:30 to 06:00

Entry: €13 before 02:00 €18 after.

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Anfora Ibiza Gay clubAnfora has been there forever (well longer than anyone will admit to) and during the holiday season it still the only full-time 'GAY' club in Ibiza.

Anfora is the one club that you are likely to visit more than once on your holiday, if not every night. Compared to the rest of the island's clubbing life, Anfora is practically the clubbing equivalent of a welcome cup of cocoa.

It is not the island's largest club, but provides a great night out in a gay environment (attractive men and little attitude!). Straights, visiting with gay friends are tolerated (as long as you can't tell). Girls are not popular in the dark room and will be very quickly barred from the club.

There is a serious lack of English speaking staff so you may feel like it is a little unfriendly, and a lack of English and German customers of late, who used to be the mainstay of the clubs drinking clientele. But, it is still JUST about the friendliest club, in a unique setting in the middle of anywhere. It does manage realistic drink prices for a night club in Ibiza (prices that put some of the bars to shame).... At least the mixers here are chilled so that your vodka and tonic arrives cold and sparkling - unlike Babylon, where by the time you poor a hot mixer on to two ice cubes and a shot of vodka, it is warm and flat, (sounds like a boyfriend) and all for 10 Euros.

Anfora Disco Ibiza Gay clubIf you have not been there before, it can be difficult to find Anfora.
• Walk up through Dalt Vila's main entrance (Portal de las Tablas - the big ramp at Mercado Viejo/Plaça de Constitució); turn right (no choice unless you want to sit down for a second); at the end of the entrance battlements, turn left (back on yourself), away from the main square (Plaça de Vila), and head up the cobbled hill; just before El Portalón restaurant (Plaça Desamparados), turn right and walk up the fabulously spaced steps (look for the "Anfora" sign on the wall above your head).
• Or take a taxi if outside of Ibiza Town, or if you have no shame. A new mini bus service runs around the centre of Ibiza town up to the Dalt Vila from 07:30 - 22:30 - number 45.

The entrance to the club is directly at the top of the stairs, (and yes, it does look like the front door of a typical Dalt Vila house).

The dance floor is built in a cave; the four bars are split over two levels; there are loads of nooks and crannies; and two staircases (for making a quick exit from D.O.A. trade).

Anfora Ibiza Gay clubThe "bird room" and aviary was removed some time ago and replaced with a Morocco lounge, and finally there are pop and porn videos (not on the same screen) and a dark room...

The club can be quiet out of season before 1:30am, but still gathers a reasonable to good crowd most nights.

In mid and high season it gets totally packed (the entry ticket gets you a drink, and entry is cheaper before 02:00 (subject to change) often free b4 1:30 - which is pissing the bars off.

Anfora does tend to be passed over by those with an 'wanna be on a guest list' attitude but it is genuinely a good night out whoever you think you are.


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