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Malaysia to Singapore Gay Sailing Cruise

Malaysia to Singapore
Gay Sailing Cruise

Miri, Niah National Park, Lambir Hills National Park (Malaysia), Singapore, and more!

10 Days From Miri, Malaysia To Singapore

October 16 – 25, 2018


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Singapore gay sailing cruiseJoin us on this exotic HOT BuOYS gay sailing cruise to Malaysia & Singapore! This gay sailing adventure combines the beauty of two National Parks of Borneo, the longest passage sailing across the South China Sea, a stop at a remote island, as well as the big city of Singapore. Singapore is one of the most visited cities in the world, and for good reason: from skyscraping rooftop bars to humble hawker stalls, luxurious 5-star hotels to backpacker digs, pulsating nightlife districts to sleepy ethnic enclaves, Singapore excites even the most seasoned of travelers.

Singapore is almost electrifying in its great diversity. This tiny island nation with a population about the size of Bangkok is a cultural crossroads with some of Asia's most unique architecture, dining, hotels, shopping and even (believe it or not) nocturnal diversions. Singapore is mostly open space and has hundreds of public parks and wilderness areas. Its zoo and botanical gardens are among the best in the world. If you enjoy the out of doors you can get up close and personal with nature, lah.

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Philippines to Thailand gay sailing cruise map


This is the third leg of our Philippines to Thailand gay sailing cruise and we sail from the city of Miri in Malaysia to Singapore.


Malaysia to Singapore Gay Sailing Cruise Itinerary

Day 1 , October 16, 2018
Arrive in Miri, Malaysia
Fly to Miri Malaysia (MYY) and take taxi to Miri Marina Yacht Club. Join us for trip to Miri Petroleum Museum. We will also check on the status of the Miri Maritime Museum and see artifacts which your captain helped recover from the South China Sea. Dinner on shore.

Captain Philip believes it is best to conduct one set of excursion trips in port. Both the crew that sailed in from Kota Kinabalu, as well as crew just joining are likely to want to go on the same excursion trips. There is a small chance that your bunk may already be occupied. If this happens, then we will look for volunteers who are willing to spend the night in the pilot house or salon bunks. If no one volunteers then a hotel room will be rented for at the ships expense. So far this situation has never occurred.


Day 2 , October 17, 2018
Niah National Park
Optional shore trip to Niah National Park. Very large caves which were once inhabited by ancient man.


Day 3 , October 18, 2018
Lambir Hills National Park
Provisional day and immigration check out. We may leave late in the day depending on conditions. Shore trip to Lambir Hills National Park. There are two waterfalls and one is reached by a good hike.


Malaysia gay sailing cruise - Miri


Day 4; Day 5 , October 19, 2018; October 20, 2018
Days at Sea
We have about 1000 kilometers to cover on this, our longest passage of the entire trip. We are expecting pleasant downwind sailing this time of year, however, will have plenty of fuel aboard if becalmed.


Day 6 , October 21, 2018
Day at Sea / Island Stop
Day at sea with overnight stop at island mid-way across South China Sea. No absolute guarantee on this stop and it will depend upon progress made during the day.


Day 7 , October 22, 2018
Sailing Day
Another Day at Sea.


Gay Singapore sailing cruise


Day 8 , October 23, 2018
Arrive in Singapore
Estimated arrival date in Singapore.


Day 9 , October 24, 2018
Immigration check in completed and dinner at yacht club.


ONE 15 Marina Singapore


Day 10 , October 25, 2018
Optional shore excursions or depart for airport. You are welcome to spend the night aboard.


Usually, Captain Philip enjoys bringing his yacht to ONE 15 Marina on Sentosa Island in Singapore. This is a high end marina and perhaps the finest in all of SE Asia. It is connected to downtown Singapore via a free shuttle bus. This means this marina is convenient for quick shopping and restaurant trips. However, recently, new regulations have made it very expensive. These new regulations require yacht owners to hire an agent to do the clearing in and clearing out process.

As a result of this change, Captain Philip is offering a choice:
• We can stay at Sebana Cove Yacht Club in Johor Darul Takzim Malaysia. It is just across the river from Singapore and a short ferry and taxi ride away.
• Alternately, if enough people elect the optional $600 USD charge for ONE 15 Marina, then ONE 15 Marina it will be.

Note: If not enough people elect ONE 15 Marina, then we will go to Sebana Cove Yacht Club. If that is the case, and you paid the extra for ONE 15 Marina, then that flat fee will be refunded to you.


Gay Singapore sailing cruise


Join us on fourth leg of Philippines to Thailand gay sailing cruise and sail with us
From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Notes: Before you are allowed to board a plane to Malaysia, you likely will need proof of an airplane ticket leaving Malaysia. Unfortunately, it is one of the costs today of travel by private boat and even yacht owners are not able to escape it without official letters from immigration. Suggest buying a cheap ticket on Air Asia Kota Kinabalu (BKI) to Cebu (CEB) about 6 months out. If they ask you how you intend to get to Kota Kinabalu, just say by bus. If you are not continuing on the trip after Singapore, please make your reservations to leave no sooner than October 25, 2018.


Hot Buoys Singapore gay sailing cruise


Asia gay sailing trimaran


HOT BuOYS Sailing Vessel and Crew

Itís big! On the sea, size matters.
• Length: 22 meter (65ft)
• Width: 12 meters (40ft)
• Gross registered tonnage: 70 ton
• Anchor: 70 kilos
• Engine: 150 HP

So what do the numbers above mean? More room for you, and a more pleasant ride. We can even put a pool on deck and invite 50 guys from shore for a party.


Hot BuOYS gay sailing yacht


The pilot house and salon down below comfortably protect the maximum 8 guests that we allow per trip. Two king size bunks and 4 single bunks. Every bunk has a cooling fan as well as reading light. We have 900 watts of solar to power the watermaker and your laptops.

Captain Philip does not claim this is a luxury yacht. Instead it is a comfortable cruising vessel. It has kept everyone safe, well fed, and showered, across the Pacific. Safely arriving is of course the primary goal. It also nice not to be hungry or smell like a sailor.


Hot BuOYS gay sailing yacht double cabin


If the winds are low, please be assured there is an adequately sized engine to power us to our destination. The engine is kept in top notch condition with a full set of spares.

The decks are white and insulated. This means the vessel is almost always nice and cool even in full sun. Additionally, the temperature is regulated with fans and evaporative coolers.


Hot BuOYS gay sailing crew - Captain Philip and Noli


Captain Philip purchased HOT BuOYS SV in 2009 and has sailed her 1/2 across the Pacific as well as to and from Thailand several times. He knows every square inch of the vessel and would be happy to teach you as much or as little of the vessel operation as you would like to know.


Thailand gay sailing cruise


Noli and Captain Philip have been sailing together for the past four years and look forward to welcoming you to their floating home on the sea. Depending on the trip, there may be one or two additional crew members to assist in the galley, and to keep the vessel clean.


ONE 15 Marina Yacht Club


Certainly, everyone likes fine dining. There will be opportunities when we are staying at a yacht club like the ONE 15 Marina Yacht Club pictured above. Please be aware that when a sailboat of this size travels for an extended period of time, meals have to be kept simple and wholesome out of necessity. This said we will attempt to surprise you with what we can do with our full size galley including an Italian oven. If you want to try your hand and prepare a meal, by all means, tell us so we can shop for the ingredients.


Asia gay sailing cruise


We donít advertise this as being a ďnudeĒ gay trip. The reason is there will be times and places that nudity is acceptable, and where it is not acceptable. Further, some countries frown upon nudity. Captain Philip is a gay naturist. He certainly has no problem with nudity. Noli, his husband, loves his fancy underwear. Just donít expect to see them off. He is a bit shy.


Gay sailing adventure cruise


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Malaysia to Singapore Gay Sailing Cruise Prices

Tour Date Description
Per person
€ (EUR)

From Miri (Malaysia) to Singapore
Cruise Only, Per Person.

€ 990

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Price does not include payment card charges & reservation fee Ä 55 p/person.

Price Includes: Accommodation onboard, vessel, fuel, port fees, marine national park admission, linens, snacks & meals on board

Not Included: Travel to and from vessel, alcohol, shore excursions, personal immigration fees, and meals on shore.

If enough people select the optional $600 charge for ONE 15 Marina, then we shall go to ONE 15 Marina in Singapore. Otherwise, we will go to Sebana Cove. If not enough people select this option, then the $600 charge will be refunded to you. ONE 15 Marina is the deluxe marina and the extra cost also includes the cost to hire an agent that is required to do the vessel check in and check out.


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