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Flores Indonesia Clothing Optional gay cruise

Flores Indonesia 4 Days
Clothing Optional Gay Cruise

Flores, Komodo, and more!

4 Days From/To Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

April 27 – 30, 2020
June 22 – 25, 2020
July 11 – 14, 2020
August 24 – 27, 2020
September 28 – October 1, 2020
November 2 – 5, 2020


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Flores Indonesia gay cruiseHappyGayTravel YouTube ChannelGuys, naked, sailing on a traditional wooden vessel through the Flores Sea. Free, and honest, and fun. True camaraderie. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, this is. A dream that can be fulfilled. Or maybe just something that’ll make great memories...

Sailing amongst islands that change at any given point of the year, you’ll see nature in progress. From April and May and June, the islands are a lush green. July and September see a more dry and barren – yet equally stunning – savannah-covered vista, contrasting nicely with the water. Later in October the green returns in striking patches, and from then until March, nature works hard creating new life again. Meanwhile, with year-round temperatures in the 80s, and turquoise-blue water that never feels cold, you’re in a perfect climate to shed your clothes.

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Flores Indonesia gay cruise


The Ambiance

The mood’s relaxed. Some guys are in shorts or sarongs or speedos; some are nude. And the crew’s adept but mellow, in an island-fashion typical in this part of the world – replete with an overlay of Southeast Asian politeness. You're 40 minutes away from Bali! This isn’t just the way to travel. This is the way to be.

Don't miss the orange globe go down, and the sky miraculously change, literally second by second. Everything happens slower here in the islands… even the sky colors last long after the sun’s dropped over the horizon. These are, you realize, the sunsets of your life. And this is the time to let loose.


Indonesia gay sailing cruise


Later, it’s nighttime. Post-dinner. Really night. Really dark. A man’s night. The deck’s got a few men doing what men do when the stars are out and the water’s calm and they’re naked together. The cabins have their own energy: this one is quiet, one of the guys is reading in it. That one’s got a little party of its own kind. My buddy on the trip has chosen to sleep in ours. And without judgement or too much analysis, the vibe’s free and relaxed in a way we just can’t seem to get on land.


Komodo gay cruise


The Voyage

Amongst literally thousands of islands – Indonesia’s archipelago boasts nearly 17,000 pieces of land surrounded by water – many are uninhabited, and many are small. Glancing around, you can see craggy rocks, sensuous hills, and mountains – all surrounded by a mix of seas. The sparkling sun reflects off them, and wildlife appears at the strangest times (think flying fish, flying foxes, and bright blue kingfishers flying fast from the trees). As striking as it is wild, the land and the sea and the air and the light all combine to create a spectacular landscape. And the all-male environment turns it into a man’s landscape. You’re in a place where a man can escape.


Nude gay swimming


And there’s many ways to do so:

• Sunbathing
• Reading – our books or yours
• Nature viewing
• Socializing
• Learning the local language
• Stargazing
• Getting massaged
• Getting your body hair shaved
• Swimming
• Snorkeling
• Learning Sailing Knots
• Hiking
• Fishing in the local style
• Exploring
• Helping to sail the ship
• Sharing meals with new friends
• Enjoying complimentary massages


Indonesia gay cruise - Komodo Dragons


Places We Go
Our exact itineraries vary on length of trip. For our 4 day trips, you can expect to see:

Other-worldly Komodo Dragons
Oversized monitor lizards, these carnivorous, other-worldly beings are truly amazing. And they’re endemic to the island of Komodo, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO about thirty years ago. Easily the largest lizard on earth, Komodo Dragons can grow up to 10 feet, yet no one knows exactly why. Some theorize it’s due to the biological effect known as Island Gigantism: no other carnivorous animals fill the niche on the islands where they live. Others say they’re a relict of prehistoric lizards from Australia, most of which died out after the Pleistocene era, due to human activity. Yet almost everyone agrees: there’s nothing on the planet like them.

Beaches – stunning, private, and quiet
Indonesian islands form an intricate coastline that’s the fourth longest in the world. Being so extensive, it’s characterized by coral reefs, deposits from volcanoes, and rich marine biodiversity. The islands we visit make up the driest climate in the country. The combination of effects create a rare form of beach: relatively dry, surrounded with endemic plants and cliffs that create visual privacy. Coral reefs form simple white or yellow sand beaches. Wave action in the waters is largely generated by local winds, which are gentle in the equatorial zone - perfect for swimming and snorkeling.


Flores colorful fish


Thermo-regulating Flying Foxes
With a habitat ranging from Africa to Southeast Asia and Australia, these bats - with faces that look like foxes - are the largest bats on earth. Think: Six foot wingspans... yet that’s not all that keeps them from being your average bats. Living in large colonies, these “megabats” use sight, rather than echo-location, to navigate. And, they have an excellent sense of smell. It’s phenomenal to see them head out at night, searching for fruit - their dietary staple. They’ve evolved to thermo-regulate, as the trees get really hot at times. Sometimes you can even see them during the day, roosting in large numbers, flapping their wings.

The Coral Triangle – greatest diversity on earth
Although it makes up less than 2% of Earth’s oceans, the Coral Triangle encapsulates 75% of all known coral species in the world. There’s seven species of marine turtles on our planet - and six of them are found in the Coral Triangle. Imagine a place with a staggering biodiversity that includes peacefully-gliding manta rays, the world’s largest extent of mangroves, over 3,000 different species of reef fish, and 500 species of reef-building corals. Nothing short of spectacular.

For 7 day voyages, we’ll get to all of the above, plus: • Namo Island, with its rare red beach,• The breathtaking, picturesque Padar Island & Rangko Cave – literally, a tropical wonderland.


Pinisi nude gay cruise ship


The Vessel

We sail on a “Pinisi” boat – a large wooden sailing ship, made completely without nails, in the traditional Bugis style. Pinisi have been made this way for at least 1,500 years, by craftsmen on the southern part of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. In 2017, UNESCO designated these ships as an art of “Intangible Cultural Heritage.” They last forever, because they’re made so well. Neglected, they suffer, like any sailing vessel. But take care of one, and it’s a gem...


Pinisi gay ship view


Our actual craft was built in 2015. The ship has preserved its traditional ambience, but offers modern, clean and safe spaces. Take a private room, or share with other guys: it’s up to you. With plenty of space for naked and non-naked times, the ship’s an ideal spot for men to enjoy each other – mind, body and soul. Expect five to eleven other men who are guests, plus Max and Dave, and our four man crew. At a minimum there will be 12 men on the vessel. A full boat with all crew will be carrying 19 men.


Flores gay cruise ship deck view


Ship Overview
• Four air conditioned sleeping cabins
• Two bathrooms; two fresh water showers, one hot water solar-heated shower
• Quality bedsheets, blankets, and large thirsty towels
• Two expansive decks equipped with sun loungers, beanbags, and wooden chairs
• Two dining areas – one indoors, one outdoors
• A fully functioning galley kitchen
• Eco-sensitive solar panels to reduce generator run times


The Crew
The crew on our Phinisi are ideal. They are friendly, low-key, accepting, and most important, good at what they do. We’ve got a captain, a cook, a room boy, and an engineer. All four of them go with us on each excursion. Friendly, open-minded, and all local inhabitants from the island of Flores, these guys work well together, as one efficient team.


Flores nude gay cruise ship double cabin


Cabin Details

Cabin One: Upper deck. Queen bed. Mattress measures 160cm x 200cm. Most spacious room on ship. Opens to large outdoor deck. Shared toilet, sink, and fresh water shower on deck below. Four side windows that open, plus windows with curtains, facing outdoor space. 2 people in this room. Can be specifically requested by a couple (or by 1 person as a private room) for an additional charge.

Cabin Two: Upper deck. Queen bed. Mattress measures 160cm x 200cm. Second largest room on ship. Opens to an outdoor deck. Shared toilet, sink, and fresh water shower on deck below. Four side windows that open. 2 people in this room. Can be specifically requested by a couple (or by 1 person as a private room) for an additional charge.


Flores gay cruise ship cabin


Cabin Three: Main deck. Four twin beds, stacked “navy” style (with all wood construction). Each mattress measures 90cm x 200cm. Shared toilet, sink, and fresh water shower outside room. 4 people in this room. Can be specifically requested by 2 people (or by 1 person as a private room) for an additional charge.

Cabin Four: Main deck. Four twin beds, stacked “navy” style (with all wood construction). Each mattress measures 90cm x 200cm. Shared toilet, sink, and fresh water shower outside room. 4 people in this room. Can be specifically requested by 2 people (or by 1 person as a private room) for an additional charge.


Bali nude gay cruise


Flores Indonesia gay holidays


What's Included?

• Three meals per day on boat
• Soft drinks, mineral water, Juice-of-the-Day, coffee, tea
• Beer, wine, arak, vodka, gin, whisky, and rum
• Snacks
• Fruits – any time of day or night
• All linens, including towels
• Services of a Western Group Leader on boat
• Services of Captain and Crew
• National Park access fees
• Wifi
• Body shaving services
• Snorkeling gear and instruction
• Life jackets
• Transfer from your hotel to boat marina on first day.

Not Included:
• Accommodations for one night, before we sail
• Tips, if you choose to give gratuity to the crew.


Flores Nude gay cruise


The FAQ's

How Do I Get To The Island Of Flores? How Do I Meet Up With You Guys?
• There are many ways to fly in to the country of Indonesia, for example through islands like Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, or Bali. We recommend Bali for several reasons: it’s very proficient in handling travelers arriving from all over the world, it’s got great proximity to the island of Flores, and it has several daily flight departures between the two islands. Moreover, a lot of guys like to spend some time in Bali, too. A roundtrip flight from Bali to Flores is fairly cheap.

Airport codes: Bali 'DPS'; Jakarta 'CGK'; Labuan Bajo (Flores) 'LBJ'.

• One day before the ship sails, you'll fly into the airport of Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores. We’ll meet you in the airport and bring you to your hotel.

• The next day, you can go to the dock in Labuan Bajo and meet us there, at the boat. Or, let us pick you up from your hotel – your choice.

We request that all travelers come in the day before our departure, and stay in a Labuan Bajo hotel. Recommendations for hotels are sent in our pre-departure materials.

How Much Money Will I Need On The Trip?
Not much. We’ve aimed to make things all-inclusive on the boat, so that while you’re free of clothes, you’re also free of costs.

• You’ll come in one day before the ship sails. Most hotels in town will range from US$40 - $90 for the night.

• If you want to pick up a souvenir (like a carved Komodo dragon sculpture), or buy various sundries in the town of Labuan Bajo on your first night pre-sail, you should budget for that. Most people would have a hard time spending more than $30 or $40 for such, but obviously there are more expensive works of art that can be had, too.

• The only other thing to anticipate as a cost is tips – but only if you desire to give any to the crew. Suggested range of tips for the whole crew – US$50 – $90.


Flores Indonesia gay cruise


What Are The Meals Like?
• We offer a mix of local dishes and Western meals. Local dishes are mostly noodle and rice-based, with vegetables and meat or fish. It’s a good opportunity to try new foods and new flavors – think coconut milk, tofu and tempe, peanut sauces, and even hot chilis, if you desire. Western foods are European or American-based. We provide three meals a day, and there’s always enough food for everyone. Plus, you can expect fresh Juice-of -the-Day, and island fruits available, all the time. Also coffee, tea, and water. Forget about junk food: imagine eating healthy, delicious, fresh food, for the entire time you’re on the boat!

• Note, while alcohol is fine to drink on the ship, we ask that you bring your own adult beverages of choice.

• While we can’t cater to specific diets, should you have certain food preferences or needs, we’re happy to try and accommodate such.

Will There Be Cell Reception And Internet Access?
• The boat is equipped with Wifi. Although internet access can occasionally go down in this part of the world, it usually comes back up rather quickly.

• Cell reception varies like on any body of water. Having said that, the country has a very strong telecommunications network. You may want to arrange an international calling plan that best suits your needs, with your cell phone provider before you leave. Alternatively, you can buy a SIM card in Indonesia (they’re cheap and easy to obtain), and use a local number for calls.


Flores Naked gay cruise


Do I Get My Own Bed? Can I Have My Own Bedroom?
• Yes, you’ll get your own bed - unless you’re traveling with another person and want to share a bed. There are two cabins with four single beds in each room. Imagine one bed stacked over the other, in a shared "navy barracks" type of room.

• The two other cabins on the ship have queen-sized beds in them, and are essentially private rooms for two people.

• If you prefer to have privacy as a single, you may book a private room (single occupancy surcharge will apply).

What Are The Toilet Facilities Like?
We have three separate bathrooms. They’re modern, they’re private – and all are equipped with sinks and spacious hot freshwater showers. Well-appointed, cleaned daily, and replete with fresh towels and soap.


Flores Indonesia gay travel


Can I Extend My Trip?
Definitely. We can suggest a few add-on experiences that are our guests favorites:

• Spend time in Bali, either before or after the sailing trip. Length and activities can be tailored to your desire. People commonly spend anywhere from a few days to three weeks on the Island of the Gods. Activities can include yoga, surfing, visiting the LGBT neighborhood known as Seminyak, learning about the arts and culture, or delving into the spiritual elements offered on the island.

• Scuba diving excursions are available from the islands of Flores, Lombok, or Bali. We can arrange various lengths and locales, so please talk to us about these.

• We can arrange a local guide and/or driver for you.

What Travel Documents Do I Need?
For most people, the answer to this is simple: just a valid passport and a valid return airline ticket. But read these details, please:

• Your passport must have an expiration date that’s at least six months AFTER the first day you enter Indonesia. Your airline ticket will need to be for onward travel, showing that you’ll be leaving Indonesia in the future.

• Although unlikely, you may also be asked to show that you have adequate funds in a bank account.

• Most travelers are eligible for a “Visa on Arrival” – meaning that when coming into the country, Immigration will grant you a free visa, good for a 30-day stay. Although this option exists for nearly 90% of the countries in the world, there are a few countries with which Indonesia restricts travel, and so a visa arranged beforehand would then be necessary. Because of that, you’ll want to confirm your specific situation with a visa agent or embassy in your home country, beforehand.

• When on the plane, a flight attendant will give you a customs form to fill out, which you’ll turn in as you exit the airport on arrival. It will ask you to list an address for where you’ll be staying, and you should list the hotel you’ll be in on your first night.


Naked gay holidays


Who Comes On These Voyages?
Men. All kinds of men.

We welcome men of all ages... men of all orientations: gay, straight, bisexual, questioning… men of all shapes and sizes… and men of all nationalities. We welcome men who are nudists, as well as men who like to keep their clothes on. We welcome men who like to look at naked bodies, and men who like to be looked at.

This is an experience of men coming together in camaraderie, to be on a boat cruising around islands in the buff (and at times, clothed, too) - to experience a greater sense of freedom than what they normally encounter in everyday life.We know that guys from every decade have something to contribute, to form an amazing voyage. From muscles and flesh and eye-candy, to knowledge and experience and depth, to humor and positive attitude, it’s our firm belief that every man is interesting on some level. Indeed, different backgrounds and life experiences are what makes each of our trips unique, and we hope that everyone - from recent college graduates to grandfathers - will join us for these memorable experiences.

Do I Have To Be Naked?
No. These are Clothing-Optional trips. We know that no matter how “free” they are, most men can experience an even greater sense of freedom – in mind, body, and yes, with their clothes. If that means, for you, just having an extra button opened on your shirt, then do that – it’s a valid step. Or perhaps for you, it’s about going shirtless. Or showing off that speedo. Certainly, others will be completely naked, and feel comfortable in that way. We’re all about personal freedom, without any pressure to do what others are doing.


Flores village


Am I Expected To Help With The Sailing?
Actually, we don’t expect you to do anything. If you want to recline in the sun, or chat with the other guys, or keep your eyes peeled for Komodo dragons or flying fish or other wildlife – that’s totally up to you. It’s your own unique adventure, so we want you to choose whatever you want to do. However, if you’re interested in sailing, our crew will be happy to integrate you in the ways of anchoring, tightening a knot, hoisting the sails, or anything else nautical.

Will I Get Seasick?
While we can’t give you a 100% “no” on this, it’s quite rare for a person to get seasick in this part of the world, on this sort of vessel. Partly due to the size and structure of the boat, and mostly due to the calm waters. We sail around a collection of scattered islands. They create a natural barrier that breaks down the rough waters from the Indian Ocean in the south and the Flores Sea in the north. The result is that we’re moving in relatively tranquil waters.

Having said that, it’s been theorized that seasickness can even come from… worrying about seasickness. So if it’s a concern of yours now, it might be wise to bring some motion sickness medicine with you. It’s small enough to carry along, and you’ll have peace of mind. You’ll probably end up bringing it home with you – which would actually be a good thing, right?

What Do I Need To Bring?
Bring comfortable shoes for walking or trekking, if you’d like to explore any of the islands on foot. Waterproof sunscreen. And a swimsuit for when we’re near others – although we’ll have baskets on the ship with sarongs to grab, for a quick cover-up, should another boat pass by. Payment on the islands is mostly on a cash basis – so make sure you bring enough cash in Rupiah (the local currency). Overall, pack lightly – you won’t be needing many changes of clothes! Soft or hard luggage is fine; we have storage space under most beds for such.


Flores & Komodo gay cruise


Quote or Reservation


Flores Indonesia 4 Days Clothing Optional Gay Cruise Prices

Tour Date Description
Per person
$ (USD)

Cruise Only, Per Person, Double Occupancy. We request that all travelers come in the day before our departure, and stay in a Labuan Bajo hotel.

$ 1,790

Cruise Only, Per Person, Double Occupancy. We request that all travelers come in the day before our departure, and stay in a Labuan Bajo hotel.

$ 1,790

Cruise Only, Per Person, Double Occupancy. We request that all travelers come in the day before our departure, and stay in a Labuan Bajo hotel.

$ 1,790

Cruise Only, Per Person, Double Occupancy. We request that all travelers come in the day before our departure, and stay in a Labuan Bajo hotel.

$ 1,790

Cruise Only, Per Person, Double Occupancy. We request that all travelers come in the day before our departure, and stay in a Labuan Bajo hotel.

$ 1,790

Cruise Only, Per Person, Double Occupancy. We request that all travelers come in the day before our departure, and stay in a Labuan Bajo hotel.

$ 1,790

Quote or Reservation


Price does not include payment card charges.

Single Occupancy Supplement: $1,290 (Cabin 3, or 4); $1,790 (Cabin 1, or 2)

Reserved Room: Cabin 1: add $690; Cabin 2: add $490; Cabin 3 or 4: add $390


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